Arctic Wonder

Arctic Wonder

Concept & graphic identity.
Digital media, fictive case.

We have been tasked to create a location-based Augumented Reality experience that promotes research and conservation in the Arctic circle region. At the same time, the solution should inspire users to visit the region and further contribute to its development.


By using mobile devices in outdoor setting, the public should be able to discover and see something rare and exciting and experience the virtual world of the Arctic Circle like never before.

Deep in the waters of the Arctic lives the Humpback whale. The species was at the brink of extinction in the 60s but have since returned to a larger population. Still, the current population is only about 30 percent of what it was in the 40s.
Continuing preservation work is critical for the future existence of humpbacks.

We created the project called Arctic Wonder. In cooperation with whale researchers and using real-time whale tracking data we will follow an actual family of whales and transform city streets in an ocean floor.

Users will have the opportunity to become project’s supporters and receive regular updates on whales’ movements, habits and progress. Funds collected from supporters will help the whale conservation and research but promote Arctic Circle as a tourist destination with a higher purpose.

Whales’ digital avatars are modeled after their looks and research data on their behaviour and movement.
Project webpage/mobile app shows the location of whales around the city squares and simply by pointing to a designated landmark the AR experience is activated.

Art Directors

Amer Kapetanović
Carolina Ling


Gustav Bernhardsson
Lovisa Stode Ynghammar