Concept & graphic identity.
Brand repositioning.
Fictive case.

Sausage, Sweden’s staple street food has been served by Sibylla since 1932. Today, over 160 Sibylla street restaurants across Sweden serve variety of different food. 

We’ve got the challenge to review brand’s current position and propose a re-position that will increase their market share in 18 billion SEK business segment while retaining the image of Sweden’s most favourite street food brand.

In their efforts to catch-up with competition, mostly from two gigantic American fast food chains, Sibylla expanded their meny by introducing hamburgers, kebabs, vegetarian and vegan foods. Although Sibylla still to this day serves traditional sausages, their customer’s expectations are not high according to online reviews.

We propose that Sibylla exits the burger-race and focus entirely on serving variety of sausages – something Sibylla does the best.
Company’s vision is for sausage to become and remain Sweden’s national dish.

The new logotype

Art Director

Amer Kapetanović


Erik Winn
Felix Larsson
Gustav Bernhardsson