Upcoming exhibition: Meanwhile in India

Upcoming exhibition: Meanwhile in India

“Meanwhile in India”, on Thursday, March 19 at 7:30 PM
Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo

 Photography exhibitions by Amer Kapetanović are celebration of the art of light and a social event that gathers photography aficionados and friends. That goes especially for exhibitions showed in his hometown, Sarajevo: from “Wish You Were Here” (The Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2005), through “Istanbul – the timeless city” (Turkish Cultural Centre, 2008), URANIA (Burence Gallery, 2009), to “Man in progress” (BlackBox Gallery, 2014).

 This spring, Amer presents an exhibition of photographs taken during his India experience. Under the simple title “Meanwhile in India”, Kapetanović brings us portraits, cityscapes, street and everyday life of one of the world’s oldest cultures. This exhibition premiered in Novi Sad during Nights of Museums, in May/June 2014.

 The opening itself will bring a special treat to photography lovers: with the support from company Macline d.o.o. and SONY, there will be a digital cinema projection of photographs in 4K technology, for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina. That technology allows image and video projection onto large screens with astonishing level of details, colors and depth. The projection will take place only during the opening night, and will start 10 minutes after the opening.

 To further enhance the visual experience – renowned Franc & Sophie Tea Shop will make sure original Indian Masala Chai touches our taste buds.

Especially for this occasion, Damir Imamović made a selection of Indian music, which will play during exhibition and screening.

 The exhibition will be shown until Thursday, March 26, 2015.

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