Such a Long Day – Documentary on juvenile detainees

Film tells a story of Juvenile Detention and Correctional Centres in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Two inmates, male and female, speak about their troubles in the past and challenges they are facing now. Their psychologist tells why children end up making wrong decisions and what leads to 90 percent of them repeating mistakes and ending up in prisons again. However the system is, it all starts with a family.

Filmed at juvenile correction facilities in Orašja and Tunjice, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Due to legal restrictions, faces of juvenile inmates are either not shown or masked in some of the scenes where identity could be established.

Film authors are Amer Kapetanović and Haris Čalkić.

Script Associate: Selvedin Avdić Music, audio edit and postproduction: VTF Studio, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Production: Association URBAN, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Film was made with support of UNICEF,  Swedish International Development Agency SIDA and Swiss government within the project called “Justice for every child“.